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While board members manage the business operations of the association, we depend on community volunteers to carry out the work of various committess whose work makes our neighborhood such a great place to live. Below is a description of committees and the tasks they complete throughout the year. Please consider volunteering as a Board Member or Committee Member to help dispers the workload of our growing community!


Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

This committee is composed of board members and volunteer members (up to five total) who review ACC submissions for property improvements through the lens of the restrictive covenants. Committee members review requests and respond within 14 days of receipt. In some cases, committee members meet with residents and examine site plans to determine if a variance to the covenants is allowable. Estimated time per year: 20+ hours


Capital Improvements

This committee provides support in researching and managing the improvements that are made to association common areas. Duties include contacting vendors, gathering quotes, and managing a project through its completion. Occasional work days may be needed to install/upgrade improvements in cases where installation is not provided. Estimated time per year: 15-30+ hours depending on level of participation


Common Areas

Members of this committee assist with various maintenance and safety issues in the common areas. Duties include participating in the bid solicitation process during open bids, responding to damage or safety issues in the commons areas and determining if a vendor needs to be called out, updating/restarting timers on fountains and lights as needed, monitor lawncare schedule and landscaping maintenance, and changing out seasonal decorations as needed. Estimated time per year: 20+ hours



This committee works in conjunction with the board secretary to provide community updates. Volunteers may contribute to the newsletter, assist with updating the information board at the mailbox kiosk, and creating flyers and advertising for events. Estimated time per year: 10+ hours


Financial Committee

This committee works closely with the treasurer to oversee the financial accountability of the association. Duties include conducting a Reserve Fund study every three years, reviewing annual assessments each year, overseeing the bid collection process for all individual purchases that exceed $1000 per year or service agreement purchases that exceed $2500 per year, and making recommendations to the board for vendor selection based on the approved bid process. Estimated time per year: 15-20+ hours



This committee plans community events for the enjoyment and recreation of residents. Events include but are not limited to Easter egg hunts, movie nights, pumpkin painting, cook-offs, or any other community-wide events. Volunteers assist with planning, setting up, and managing event details. Participation may be full-time or event specific. Estimated time per event: 3-5 hours


Violations Committee

Committee members follow the established protocols for monitoring violations to the restrictive covenants. In cases where multiple reports of the same type of violation have been reported, committee members establish a short-term schedule to review and monitor violations across the association. Committee members and reporting residents are not disclosed. Estimated time per year: 5+ hours


Welcome Committee

This small committee distributes welcome packets to new residents as we are notified by closing agents of a home sale. Committee members sort packets and add any coupons or flyers provided by resident businesses and then make a personal delivery to the home. Estimated time per year 10-15+ hours


Yard of the Month

Members of this committee complete monthly tours of the neighborhood to nominate outstanding yard and flowerbed maintenance for which winners are awarded a $50 credit to their association dues. Committee members and board members are not eligible for the monetary award but may still be nominated as recipients of the Yard of the Month sign. Estimated time per year: 10 hours


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If you'd like to volunteer your support on one of these committees, complete this form or send an email to You may take part in one sub-committee or take in multiple roles within different sub-committees.

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