How much are dues?

The association has annual dues in the amount of $375. Pond lots incure an additional $100 assessment that is included in dues. We follow a calendar year of January through December. The first year, homeowners/builders are responsible for only the prorated shared based on their closing date. Each and every subsequent year, they are required to pay their dues in full by January 15, or elect semi-annual installments of $187.50 due by January 15th and again June 15th. Homeowner dues are not optional and are required for both builders and individuals. Please note late fees will be assessed on any delinquent accounts.


Where do I send my dues?

Dues should be mailed to PO Box 1377, Broussard, LA 70518. Please note that if you use a Bill Pay service through your bank, our address changed in January of 2017. 


How is the association governed?

The association is governed by five volunteer board members who are elected on an annual basis. All decisions are founded in the articles of incorporation, the restrictive covenants, and the board bylaws.


What do association dues pay for?

Dues pay for insurance, maintenance of common areas including ponds and fountains, book keeping, property taxes, and utilities. 


Why do I need to submit an ACC form?

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for ensuring that all improvments within the subdivision contribute to the aesthetic appeal that was established in the initial development of the subdivision. Adherence to the ACC guidelines will help ensure that your property value does not decrease due to a declining environment on surrounding properties. 




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