How much are assessments and when are they due?

The association follows a calendar year of January through December. The first year, homeowners/builders are responsible for only the prorated share based on their closing date. Each and every subsequent year, they are required to pay their dues in full (for 2024: $564, pond lots or $445, non-pond lots) by January 15th or elect semi-annual installments with half due by January 15th and the remaining half by June 15th. Homeowner dues are not optional and are required for most builders and all individuals. Please note late fees will be assessed on any delinquent accounts. Assessment amounts will be reviewed annually by the financial committee for any necessary increases.


Where do I send my dues?

Please make all checks or money orders payable to CYPRESS MEADOWS SUBDIVISION HOA, INC., and mail to CMSHA, Attn: Bookkeeper, 200 Easy Rock Landing Dr., Broussard, LA 70518. For your convenience, you may also drop off association dues payments in a sealed envelope in the dropbox located at the Phase III mail kiosk. If you would like to request an electronic invoice in order to pay with a credit or debit card (for a small service fee), email billing@cypressmeadowssubdivision.com to request an electronic invoice.


What do association dues pay for?

Dues pay for insurance, maintenance of common areas including ponds and fountains, book keeping, property taxes, and utilities. The board has completed a financial reserve plan to ensure that the association has the ability to maintain common area property and repair/replace items as they reach their expected life-span. Further information regarding financial responsibility may be obtained by emailing info@cypressmeadowssubdivision.com or by attending Open HOA meetings which are advertised on this site and in our newsletter.


What types of improvements do I need to get an ACC approval for?

The Architectural Control Committee reviews all changes made to each property to ensure they are aligned with the aesthetic guidelines set forth in our covenants and further protect the property value of homes in our subdivision. A completed ACC request and approval is needed for paint color changes, landscaping changes that add new beds or trees to your lot, fencing construction and/or staining, pools, gutters, drainage, patio extensions, whole-home generators, water softener units, or sheds. 

You can access individual FAQ sheets for some the most requested improvements:

Pools                        https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsPools

Sheds                       https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsSheds

Gutters                     https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsGutters

Patio Covers              https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsPatio

Concealment Fence:   https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsConcealment

French Drains            https://tinyurl.com/CypressMeadowsFrenchDrains


What days is trash picked up?

Waste Management collects trash on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling, if you choose to request a separate can, collects on Wednesdays. Recycling does not accept bottles or plastic bags at this time and your can may be skipped if it has these items.


Where can I store my garbage can if I don’t want it in my garage?

According to restrictive covenants, trash cans must be concealed from view except on collection days. Residents may place cans in their garage, back yard, or behind an ACC approved concealment fence on side of the house.


Why can’t I have a basketball goal or my TV satellite in my front yard?

Restrictive covenants prohibit basketball goals and satellites from being located in the front of your home. Permanent satellite placement should be at the rear of the home, not visible from the street. Portable basketball goals may be pulled out for play and returned to backyard or garage after use. Over weekends and school holidays, enforcement of this restriction is lessened if the goal is in use multiple days in a row. Goals not in use must not be visible from the street.


What is the procedure for extra vehicles parking at my house?

Each lot must provide enough hard-surface parking for all vehicles that are regularly parked at the residence. On-street parking is not allowed, except in the case of short-term guests or special events. Guests should not park over curbing or block another resident’s access to their driveway. Some residents like to post a notification in the Facebook group if they are planning a large event so other residents know who to contact if there is a parking issue.


Can I leave my trailer/boat out if I’m going hunting/fishing tomorrow?

Trailers, boats, and RVs must not be visible from the street. Short term loading/unloading is permitted. If more than 24 hrs is needed to load, offload, or provide maintenance to trailer/boat/RV, email violations@cypressmeadowssubdivision.com to avoid an unnecessary warning or violation notice.


Can I reserve the commons area for an event?

Residents may request to reserve a portion of the commons area for an event by completing the Common Area Reservation Request form at https://tinyurl.com/CMHSAReservation Residents may not prohibit other residents from general use of playground equipment, but may reserve certain spaces for the event. Residents are responsible for their guests’ behavior and cleanup after event.


How do I get in touch with board members?

Email addresses are set up to contact board members in charge of different committees. The list to the left indicates board email accounts and they are forwarded to the appropriate board member who will address your request.

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